North Port, FL Democrats

Our Mission

The North Port Democrats belong to a family of Democrats.  We are part of the Sarasota County Democratic Party and the Florida Democratic Party.  We are one team with one dream!  The dream of an equal, just and fair society with equal opportunity for all.

We proudly support workers rights, LGBTQ rights, fair pay, safe working conditions, and a clean and healthy environment for all.  We support qualified candidates for political office, we look after the citizens in our community, and we defend our democracy.  

The North Port Democratic Club meets on a monthly basis to keep voters informed about candidates and issues and to enjoy Democratic fellowship. Our Precinct Organization works to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) at election time.  Each bring people with an interest in preserving democratic values and a desire to bring about positive change  together.  We cannot achieve these goals alone.  Come join us as we work together toward our common goals!  

The North Port Democratic Club meets for enrichment and fellowship and gives back to our community.North Port Democratic Club (NPDC) 
North Port Democratic Precinct Captains work to Get Out The Vote!North Port Precincts GOTV